Tonight I went out on a limb and tried something new. Something ordinarily, I wouldn’t have ever tried before. Tonight for dinner I cooked….a black bean burger. You are talking to the queen of meat here. I love beef. More than chicken. I’m not your average girl. But as I get older I realize my metabolism is slowing down. My stomach cannot handle the greasy food everyday it used to be able to handle. And if I don’t change something about the way I have eaten all these years I will die from a heart attack one day.

My goal lately has been to cook healthier for me and Jonathan. Sadly for him, he has to eat whatever I put on the table. BUT, it also means I am responsible for the health of him and myself. Not to mention the health of my family one day when I cook for them. So, I have been experimenting with “health recipes”. And I have made red meat and greasy foods something I only eat every once in a while as a “treat”. They should be the exception. Not the rule.

So what did I think of the black bean burger? Well…I have to say that I still like beef more. But was it WAY better than I ever though it could be? YES! It was. It actually was really good. And so, I think it’s a good alternative sometimes for a burger. Jonathan wasn’t home tonight. Because he was working. So he didn’t have to suffer through the meal. I’m sure he would’ve hated it! Ha. It’s easier to experiment when I am only worried about pleasing myself. It really makes me sad when Jonathan doesn’t enjoy the things I cook. Mainly because I hate the thought of him not getting enough to eat. Or going hungry. Not like that’s really an issue. ha.

I got the recipe for the “burger” from one of my favorite food blogs: Annie’s Eats. You can check out the recipe by following this link:

I would also recommend the following blogs that have some really delicious and healthy options:

As I try new healthy things I will try to share the recipe (if I like them).

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