Happy Birthday to Judah!


Happy first Birthday to Judah!!!! Cannot believe it!

Judah is joyful, smiley, laid back, sweet, and stubborn! He LOVES his sister. He LOVES music and dancing. His daddy beat boxing always gets him bouncing up and down.

Things about Judah at one year:

How many teeth does Judah have: Two! More are trying to come in :)

Favorite toys:
The Little People pig figure. I mean…that boy carries that pig around everywhere. And it has to be the specific one. There are two of them. And he only likes one of them! Ha. He also really like the panda bear from the Little People Noah’s Ark. He loves playing the little piano.

Favorite things to do:
Play with his big sister, listen to music, have mommy read to him, and make noises!!!

Favorite Animal:
It appears to be pigs and bears. haha.

Favorite Book:
Judah LOVES to read. In fact, he will get a book, bring it to me, and set it down for me to read it to him. HIs favorite book right now is called “Fox on the loose” and it’s a book where I make the noises of all the animals in a barn. So of COURSE he loves it :)

New milestones:
Judah is getting around. He’s not crawling by the tradition definition of the term. However, he is “scooting” around and he is doing it quickly. He is pulling up on his crib and furniture. He is walking if I hold his hands or he holds onto a walker.

He can say “Da-Da” “Ma-MA” and “Uh-oh”. He can also make most animal noises if you ask “What does the bear say?”

Here are more pictures of him at one year:



Some with Big Sister:





Happy 11 Months to Judah!


Happy 11 Months to Judah! For some reason he just woke up this morning looking more like a little boy and less like a baby. This passed month he has really grown up a LOT in many different ways. It’s a strange thing as a mom to feel happy and sad about it all at once!

In just a months time I will have a ONE YEAR OLD! :( I can’t handle it!

About Judah at 11 Months:

He loves: being tickled, “bouncing” to music, playing with his sister, playing his egg shaker, and reading “touch and feel” books.

His favorite toys: Anything that makes noise :)

His favorite thing to watch on TV: Baby Einstein.

His favorite food: Judah will eat pretty much anything. He REALLY loves Cheesy rice cakes. I’m not gonna lie…I’m really excited about having a not so picky eater this time around :)

His favorite song: “Ho-Ho-Ho Hosana”

Milestones: Instead of crawling Judah scoots everywhere. But hey…he DOES get around :) And his sister isn’t loving it because his favorite place to be is right in the middle of whatever she is playing with. Judah can also clap. Wave “hi” and he can say THREE words now: Ma-ma, Da-da, and Uh-oh. He insists on feeding himself with a spoon. And he can also feed himself his bottle. What a big boy :(

Judah loves throwing his food on the floor and saying “uh-oh”. It’s a new favorite game for him and a new least favorite game for mommy!

Some more pictures of Judah!




Maila and Judah:


I saved the very best for last:


Stitch Fix # 3



My Stitch Fix # 3 came in the mail yesterday. And I am having a hard time narrowing things down. My stylist, Gabriela really nailed it this time around :) I am really pleased with her choices.

If you are just jumping on the bandwagon of these posts, you can check out my first two posts on Stitch Fix. It sheds more light on what the company is and how to order.

This time, I specified I did not want anymore Navy. While I really like Navy, it seems like all I was getting was black, navy and white. I really wanted to branch out a little bit.

So here are my pieces and my review.



I really liked this shirt. The colors. The design. The fit. And not to mention it is flowy. I am not really into fitted items right now because I still wanna lose some baby weight. I’m pretty I am gonna keep this one :)



I love the color of this one. I also like the fit and how it is longer so you can wear leggings under it if you want to. Very spring appropriate.



I like the design on this. And the colors are fun too. But I just cannot decide about the fit. Also a very fun spring option for a top.



This one has a really fun design. And I love the colors on it. Again…I just can’t decide how I feel about the fit on me.




I specifically asked for an anorak or rain jacket. I have been trying to get my small kids in the car during rain showers with an umbrella. It just doesn’t work when you are carrying kids and diaper bags. In fact, I have shown up to church a few times in the last several months soaked. I thought having a rain jacket or something with a hood would be very practical in such situations. Overall, I really like this jacket. Though personally I’m not a HUGE fan of “khaki” coloring. I like the style and fit. And I like that it will match almost anything. I just again….am having a hard time deciding if I should keep it or not.

So what are your thoughts? I need some input. Any votes as to what I should keep and what I should send back?

If you decide to sign up for Stitch Fix kindly do so using my link? I would LOVE the credit :)

My link is below:


Happy 10 Months, Judah!


I won’t even say how fast time flies….this little boy is 10 MONTHS OLD today. Just two more months until his first birthday. Kind of getting teary eyed thinking about it!

It was a special celebration of his 10 months as we dedicated him at church this morning. I’m thankful for his life and I am humbled that God entrusted me with it. Not something to be taken lightly. I pray with both of my kids each night before bed. My prayer is always that God will save both of them and use them in big ways for His kingdom and glory. Judah seems like such a strong name for some reason (maybe because God is called the Lion of Judah….and lions are very strong animals) and so a special prayer for Judah is that he will be a strong man of God/leader. I am trying to find prayers that I want to pray on a regular basis for them. The older Judah gets the more I am praying that. And also praying that he won’t lose his joy for life. I will say again that Judah was sent to me by God at a time when it was hard to find joy. And God is definitely using him on a regular basis to show me joy and to challenge me to grow in my joy! Strange how God can use little ones for such things.

As Judah gets older I am learning more about his personality. And so far I am learning that he is a laid back, joyful, adventurous, and compassionate spirit who loves food :) Two of the only things that make him cry: When he sees his sister crying and when he is finished with a meal! It will be interesting to see more of his personality unfold in the months ahead.



Some things about Judah:

Favorite books: Touch and Feel books (specifically the “That’s not my….” books) and any books that make noise. We have a few of the books where you punch a button when you see a certain picture. Those make him smile EVERY time.

Favorite shows: I regret to say he is really starting to like Yo Gabba Gabba….lol. He also likes Mickey Mouse a lot. And of course Baby Einstein. Those movies have magical powers on babies. No joke.

Favorite Things: Playing with his sister. Eating. Playing Patty Cake.

Favorite thing to play with: bouncy balls and this gigantic beach ball that we have. He also really likes Mega Blocks legos.

Favorite songs: Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes.

Favorite food: He’ll eat almost anything except green vegetables. He loves Mum Mums, crunchies and peach yogurt. We are just now starting to feed him table food. I’m not a fan of choking. So I’m usually the over cautious mom on that one. But he still doesn’t have any teeth…so maybe I can blame it on that, right?

New milestones: Can I count the fact that he is finally taking a bath in the big bath tub with his sister as one? lol. He’s also insanely fast in his walker. He hasn’t started crawling yet. But he can stand up if you have him holding on to something.

Here are a few pictures of him and Maila:




Stitch Fix Box # 2


Stitch Fix # 2 arrived this passed week. And I gotta say, I love it just as much this time around as I did last time :)

Thank you for everyone who has used my link and given me credit. I was able to get more cute stuff this time than I would’ve usually been able to thanks to people signing up through me!

Here’s a review of my pieces. Excuse the horrible quality of the photos. The lighting isn’t great in our room. And it’s the only place I have a full length mirror.

I will show the pictures then put the review at the bottom.



**I really loved this one. The fit was great. The colors were good. And I thought it was flattering. The only downside was that it was navy. And I got a navy shirt last time. So I really wanted a different color this time around. But that’s ok. I do love navy :) I ended up keeping it. Jonathan really liked it. And I thought it was cute. So I decided to commit.



**This shirt is a bit different than anything I own. But that’s a good thing. I really liked it. I feel like the pictures don’t exactly capture how cute it is. It’s unique. And I love the colors. In the end, I decided to keep this one as well.


**This shirt was a DISASTER. The way it fit and the fabric itself pulled at me in all the wrong places. And in the end it just wasn’t flattering. I LOVED the color of it though. I paired the shirt with the scarf that came in my box. And I really like the color combination. I LOVED the scarf too. And I wanted to keep it. But in the end…you gotta stick to the budget. And the scarf knocked me over the price I wanted to spend on the clothes this time around. Made me a little sad to put the scarf back in the bag.


**This shirt was nice. I really like the design and thought it would’ve looked cute…however, it was a little too tight in all the wrong places. And so it just wasn’t flattering. But hey, that’s a good thing. Because I can’t afford to buy all the clothes that come in my box. So it made it an easy choice to send it back.

I really like how they send you outfit ideas for each piece (see picture below). I really like getting pieces that are more my age. I have had the same pieces since high school in my wardrobe until recently when I had to throw them out after having my second child. Things just didn’t fit anymore. And so it’s nice to try to find a style that doesn’t make me look like an old mom, but also doesn’t make me look like an 18 year old. I’m just not there anymore. It’s exciting to add some new pieces to my closet that I feel flatter me and are cute.

Again, if you decide to sign up, please use my link so I can get credit :) I would really appreciate it! It’s really exciting to see people who heard about Stitch Fix from me trying it and LIKING it!


Here’s my link:


Happy Nine Months to Judah!


Happy Nine Months to Judah! Time is going by so fast. But I am always thanking God for giving me him as a son. God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect, and I can look back and see how God brought this sweet little joyful boy into my life at the time when I most needed his joy! He has been a ray of sunshine for me during a cloudy/hard spot in life.

Some things about Judah:

Favorite toys: His walker and his tray toys that go on his walker. He LOVES moving around the kitchen in that thing. And he’s really good at it! He follows me everywhere I go in the kitchen :) he also really likes anything he can chew on. The boy is still trying to get his first two teeth.

Food: Judah eats a 6oz bottle every four hours during the day. Plus he eats a container of baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He loves chewing on baby mums!!! He hates anything with bananas or peas.

Sleep: Judah sleeps from 8pm-8am. Due to a cold lately he has been waking a little earlier. But I think we are finally to where he will sleep through the night without waking at all.

New milestones: He can say Mama. He can stand up on his own if holding on to the couch or something for support. I can tell he is working on crawling.

Favorite book: “the dog I love best”. It’s a finger puppet book. He loves the finger puppet. He loves the pictures in most books.

Favorite activities: playing in the bath tub and going outside.

Favorite shows: baby Einstein and bubble guppies.

Here are some more pictures:






Stitch Fix Box # 1


Several months ago I started hearing about a thing called “Stitch Fix” from friends. I wanted to wait til I researched it and saw several people try it before I dove in myself. I was skeptical….until about a month ago when I was trying to do some shopping for clothes with my two year old and eight month old. Sheesh! Talk about impossible. It’s hard enough to maneuver a double stroller through various stores. But then to get it into a dressing room and keep my kids happy while I try on various outfits…it ain’t happening. After trying it a few times and leaving frustrated I realized it was no longer practical for me to shop considering my phase of life. I have had a few trips where my husband has kept my kiddos. He’s always sweet to do that for me…but it also isn’t practical to have him do that all the time. He has a job. And the evening hours with our kiddos are the toughest.

I also am in drastic need of new clothes. After two kids I’ve had to accept the reality that my body has changed it’s shape forever. Those jeans I used to love in college just aren’t flattering anymore (not to mention they aren’t going to even fit). It’s hard somedays to look in the mirror and accept this new body. It’s nothing like my old one and it leaves me feeling lost in terms of what would look good on me. So I’ve thrown out all of my old clothes and my closet is pretty bare. You’ll probably see me in the same outfit all the time. Or if you catch me during the week I’ll have on sweats and a tshirt.

Since I had Christmas money I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. Basically, this is a clothing service where you fill out a style profile and your “stylist” sends you five clothing items each month to try on. There is a styling fee of $20. But that can go toward your purchase. The only way you lose the money is if you don’t keep anything from your box. In your styling profile you can specify what you do/don’t want. You can specify your price range. And you can link to Pinterest boards to further help your stylist understand what you like.

In the box comes your five pieces and a paper that shows you outfit ideas for your clothing pieces.

I’ll show what came in my box first and then give my review plus tips at the end. I HATE pictures of myself so this isn’t my favorite thing to do! Ha.











Outfit # 1: I really liked the pattern and style of this one. However, it was too expensive. And in the end I felt like it was not the most flattering fit for me.

Outfit # 2: This one was my favorite and it was the only piece I ended up keeping from my box. I really loved the style of it and it fit really well. It also was reasonable in price.

Outfit # 3: This one I didn’t even wanna try on when I saw it. But they say to try everything on because sometimes you might be surprised. In this case, I was not at all shocked that I hated it. The pattern isn’t my style. But the fit of it was also awful. I ended up putting a cardigan on over it in the pictures so I would not be indecent :)

Outfit # 4: I spent a long time debating whether or not I wanted this one. I really love the pattern and colors. I also really like the style. But in the end I decided I only want to purchase pieces that I don’t question. If I put something on and have to ask myself “do I like this on me or not?” it probably isn’t the best fit for me. So I sent it back. But I was wishing it had looked cuter cause I really wanted to keep it!

So, overall, I thought my stylist did a GREAT job. She actually seemed to understand my style quite well (excluding the one crazy top I received). I ended up only keeping shirt #2. I liked them all but didn’t like the fit of any of the shirts except for that one. I was pleased with the quality of the clothing. I was really impressed with the style of the clothes. I will say I also received a necklace that I didn’t picture here. Loved it. But it was a bit out of my price range. I mean…I’m cool just going down to target and grabbing a necklace for $10.

I’m hoping StitchFix will help me figure out more of my style now that I am a mom of two. I’m also hoping that I’ll replenish my wardrobe with pieces that actually compliment and fit me well. That is worth it. And I am also loving how there is no hassle involved. No loading kids in the car. Now struggling to fit through the stores. No bribing with cheerios or fruit snacks to try things on in the dressing room.

If you are considering trying Stitch Fix here are some tips that I felt really helped me have a great first “fix”:

1. Make a pinterest board of outfits and styles you like. Link to it on your style profile so that your stylist can reference it and really get a good idea of what kind of things you like.

2. Have a decent idea what your size is. If you are in the process of losing a lot of weight or you don’t know exactly what size you are in most clothes I would suggest figuring it out before trying out Stitch Fix. Or you might end up with clothes that don’t fit. I can honestly say this was a huge point where I could’ve ended up sending everything back. But because I know what size I am in most things….it helped. Nothing in my box was too small or big. It was just about whether or not the style/cut was flattering for me.

3. Be clear. If you do not want something in your box tell them. For instance, I told them I do not want them to include any pants or dresses. And I told them I only want ONE accessory max per box. I also specified that I am really just wanting short sleeved shirts since we are almost out of winter. And they really held to that. When you get into pants you get higher prices. And I’m cheap :)

4. If you don’t want really expensive stuff make sure you put on your styling profile that you want the cheapest priced items available.

I am thankful for those who gave me pointers in starting on stitch fix and also for the blogs I read. They really did help me have a successful first experience.

I also want to add that I am not working for Stitch Fix and they did not pay me or ask me to write this review. This is simply my own opinion regarding the company.

Lastly, if you decide to try it out… PLEASE use my link :) It will credit to my account and give me a discount next time I use the service. Here is the link for that:


Happy Eight Months, Judah!


Favorite toys: anything he can chew on (rubber finger puppets, round toothbrush, rubber monkey), his elephant rattle, and his light up star stacking ring.

Food: Judah eats a 6oz bottle every three hours during the day. Plus he eats a container of baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He loves chewing on baby mums!!! He hates anything with bananas or peas.

Sleep: Judah sleeps from 8pm-8am. He does wake up at least once most nights but gets himself back to sleep.

New milestones: I swear he says mama when he gets really upset! He can wave hello. Yesterday he pointed to a bag he wanted me to get him. I look at him everyday and think “my baby boy us growing up…time for another one ;)”

Favorite book: “the dog I love best”. It’s a finger puppet book. He loves the finger puppet. He loves the pictures in most books.

Favorite activities: playing with his sister and splashing in the bathtub.

Favorite shows: baby Einstein and bubble guppies.

Here are some more pictures:








Happy 7 months!!!


Judah turns seven months old today! From the first moment I held him he was easy to calm, happy, content and chill! He is still all of those things except when it comes to food! Judah started eating baby food in the past month and if he sees us all eating and he’s not he will definitely scream in anger :) the boy loves his food!

Judah weighs 18.4 pounds. He’s in the 50% in height and weight.

Favorite toys: rubber teething monkey, round toothbrush, and anything that lights up and plays music. He basically likes chewing on everything because he’s getting his first two teeth!

Food: Judah eats a 6oz bottle every three hours during the day. Plus he eats a container of baby food at lunch and dinner. He loves chewing on baby mums!!!

Sleep: Judah sleeps from 8pm-8am. He still wakes up at 6am most mornings. But I stopped feeding him a while back so I just go pop his paci back in his mouth and give him his blanket. He’s an awful self soother. Lol.

New milestones: eating solids. He now sits up in the grocery cart, high chair, etc…I’m just waiting on him to decide he wants to crawl.

Favorite book: “the dog I love best”. It’s a finger puppet book. He loves the finger puppet.

Favorite activities: playing with his sister, eating or being in his exersaucer and bouncy swing.

Favorite shows: baby Einstein and bubble guppies

Here are some more pictures:




I was gonna dress maila up to match Judah and get some pictures, but she decided she wanted to accessorize herself. So I just went with it! I want to document her craziness with






Happy Two Years to Maila Jane!


I am a little late on this post. Maila celebrated her second birthday on October 22, 2014.

Maila has always been my “serious” child. From the time she was born it was VERY hard to get that girl to smile. She smiles more these days but it still takes a little bit of effort. That’s why I LOVE the picture I posted at the beginning of this post. It is very “maila”. If she does smile it’s usually just a smirk. Unless her Daddy is playing with her. Or I am asking her to say “cheese”. Maila is stubborn and strong willed. But she’s also kind, compassionate, fun, energetic, smart, fast, and pensive. She is “mommy’s little helper” and loves to help me put the laundry in the dryer, “stir” things for dinner, and cleanup. She would love to take over the vacuuming and dish washing, and bathroom cleaning if she could. I have a feeling that’ll change by the time it’ll come in handy :) She’s a loving big sister and loves to get Judah his paci. She also loves to accessorize…



The girl keeps me on my toes. And don't think she doesn't notice when I am "busy" with Judah. Because she takes every opportunity she can to empty out all of her dresser drawers. Or to go get into mommy's jewelry. She's super mischievous. I definitely have my work cut out for me. But I can see so many amazing traits in her. I know that if God gets a hold of her heart she will be a loving leader one day.

Some facts about Maila at two:

She can say over 300 words. She can count to 12. She LOVES LOVES LOVE Bubble Guppies. She loves music and singing. She is currently in Kindermusik and the girl has rythym. I think she will take after the Melin side of the family on that. She loves to run and play outside.

One day I will ask Maila these questions but she can't quite answer them. So I will just list what I know to be true!

1. What is your favorite color? purple
2. What is your favorite toy? Farm Animals and barn.
3. What is your favorite fruit? Mandarin Oranges
4. What is your favorite tv show? Bubble Guppies
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? grilled cheese and chips and dip.
6. What is your favorite outfit? She would prefer no clothes at all. But pajamas over real clothes.
7. What is your favorite game? Hide n Seek with Daddy
8. What is your favorite snack? Fruit snacks
9. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe
10. What is your favorite song? Happy Day by Fee
11. What is your favorite book? Pinkalicious
12. Who is your best friend? Judah
13. What is your favorite cereal? honey nut cheerios
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? draw with chalk, blow bubbles, and ride in my car.
15. What is your favorite drink? milk
16. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas (though this one I really don't know…haha)
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Her blankie. She has to have that thing everywhere she goes. She also has like twenty stuffed animals she sleeps with.
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Blueberry Waffles
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Chik Fil A is what she got cause she LOVES it.
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? I have no idea about this one :)

Here are some more pictures!